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You'll find all the classic, Asian baked goods you crave from pastries to sweet buns to specialty breads. Couldn't you just go for an egg custard tart right now? Or maybe a sesame ball filled with red bean paste? In the mood for something more savory than sweet? Try our fresh daily-baked BBQ buns. They're all here and they're all baked fresh.

New to Asian Bakeries? Then you have a delightful world to discover. Feel free to ask us questions about the taste, fillings or serving ideas.

At County Square Market, our bakery features the following breads and goodies:

  • Fruit cakes with that famous light and less-sweet sponge cake, dressed with whipped cream and fresh fruits.
  • Daily fresh-baked buns: cocktail, cream, pineapple, barbecued pork, beef and onion, ham and corn, egg custard and hot dog buns.
  • Delicious pastries: egg custard tarts, butterfly cookies (palmiers), almond cookies, walnut cookies, red bean pastries and more.
  • A Large selection of imported confections, such as: green tea cakes, red bean mochi, Japanese steamed cheesecake, Vietnamese mung bean cake and Autumn Festival moon cakes from world famous Hong Kong bakeries (seasonal).
  • Locally-prepared, traditional baked goods, such as: Filipino rice cake (puto), pan de sal, purple yam bread, coconut bread, red bean bread and bean cake.

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