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Our deli counter offers us a chance to really show off our passion for the foods of Asian... from the Dim Sum and barbecue of China... to such Korean delicacies as Chap Jae (yam noodles)... to the curry dishes of Southeast Asia. And, that's just a sampling of foods from the continent! Venturing out into the Pacific, you'll enjoy sushi and maki as well as tasty fish and pancit dishes from the Philippines.

Browse our counter of ready-to-eat and made-to-order entrees, sides and appetizers—and feel free to ask questions. Our deli team is eager to help you with descriptions, suggestions, pairings and warm-up instructions.

Pop in for lunch, take home for an easy dinner or order a party tray and be the hit of the event. You'll love the taste and convenience of our daily-made, restaurant-quality prepared foods, which include:

  • Hong Kong-style Dim Sum: potstickers, steamed and baked BBQ pork buns, chive dumplings, egg rolls, lumpias, shrimp dumplings, steamed custard buns, shiu mai, sweet rice wraps and more!
  • A large entrée selection: Thai curry, lemongrass chicken, black bean garlic sauce fish, salt and pepper shrimp, Korean yam noodles, Filipino pancit, adobo, chow fun, mixed vegetables with tofu, spicy eggplant and more.
  • Daily roasted whole pig. You can also special order whole pigs for parties and luaus. We season our roasted pigs with authentic Asian seasonings. If you prefer Filipino-style (salt only), let us know.
  • Sweet and juicy Chinese honey BBQ pork (cha shiu) and crispy roasted duck.

For party trays or special orders (such as a whole roasted pig), please call ahead with your order. You can also talk to one of our party-planning specialists who can provide menu suggestions and serving recommendations.

Curious what today's specials are? Feel free to call us:

Vacaville - 707.455.1786


The entrées and appetizers listed above are all subject to availability. Please feel free to call and make sure we have
the dish you want.

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