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We offer a bountiful supply of packaged goods, especially a large variety of Asian products from Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and other Asian countries as well as Asian-style products originating from Hawaii and the continental United States.

While it's always great to shop off your list, be sure to just casually stroll our well-stocked aisles every once in a while. There's a wealth of simple pleasures awaiting your discovery, such as:

  • Groceries for your everyday needs: gyoza wrappers, an expansive selection of rice styles and brands (red, black, sweet, brown and millet), dried mushrooms, seaweeds and fresh noodles. panko breading, tempura batters, yam noodles (low or no calories) and tofu noodles (low carb).
  • Specialty items, such as a vast variety of kimchees and side dishes from Korea and Japan, including probiotic foods that aid digestion.
  • Our aisle of sauces, vegetable oils and seed oils. It's a virtual trip around Asia, making sure to encompass multiple selections of each country's soy sauces as well as low-sodium, wheat-free and organic options. You'll also discover hard-to-find items, like tahini paste and sushi vinegar.
  • Extra healthy items, such as: organic noodles, teas, sauces, miso pastes, tofu and more.
  • Your favorite snacks, including shrimp chips, pocky sticks, teriyaki nori, wasabi peas, rice candy and mochi ice cream.
  • An extensive selection of teas from around the world: green, black, ginseng, oolong, dragonwell as well as diet and herbal flavors. Also, green tea powder (matcha) for baking.
  • Imported beverages such as Sapporo and Asahi Beer, sake, Korean rice drinks, aloe vera drinks, Sarsi, Ramune Soda (the Japanese carbonated marble drink) and many tropical juices such as mango, calamansi and young coconut.
  • Handy household and kitchen items. Treat yourself to a new rice cooker, an electronic hot water dispenser, a bamboo steamer, dish sets, sets of cooking utensils and beauty supplies, such as Eskinol Facial Cleanser, papaya soaps, herbal shampoos, cookbooks and more.

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