Fried Tofu With Green Beans In Chili Basil Sauce


Fried Tofu-(cut into mini rectangles)-Produce Case
Fresh Green Beans- (cut into 2 ½ inch long)-Produce Case
Holy Basil Chili Paste-Aisle #10
Oyster Sauce, Soy Sauce- Aisle #10
Fresh Basil- (diced up)-Produce Case


Pre-boil green beans till they are at least half cooked. Heat wok, add in a little oil then stir fry tofu in oyster sauce. (Add a little water for more sauce). Add in green beans and let it cook covered for approx. 3 minutes, then add in a little soy sauce and chili paste. Mix well and make sure green beans are desired texture. Throw in diced basil, mix well and serve.


If you would like your green beans to stay green even after cooking, after boiling you can run it through ice cold water and drain well.


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