Seafood Tofu Soup


Frozen Mixed Seafood - Coffin Freezer next to live tanks
Silken Tofu - (cut into ½ inch cubes) Produce Case
Chicken Broth - Aisle #11
1 Egg White-Dairy Case
Green Onion/Cilantro/Ginger Slice


Use 1 can of 15 oz. chicken broth and 1 can of water, bring it to boil. Add in 2 slice of fresh ginger and add in pre-boiled seafood mix. Let it boil for approx 5 minutes, then add tofu cubes, and bring it to boil again. When soup is actively boiling, pour in egg white to make the egg flower. When egg white is cooked, turn off heat and add in diced cilantro and green onions to serve.

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