Sweet Rice In Coconut Milk With Fresh Mangos


Pre-soak 2 cup of sweet rice-Aisle #9
1 can of Coconut Milk (Aisle#9), grated coconut (Aisle #9), sugar.
2 Fresh Mangoes


Pre-soak sweet rice in cold water for 30 minutes. When ready lay rice on a flat plate with level of water about ¼ in. above rice. Mix with 2 teaspoon of sugar and steam for 15 minutes. In another small pot, bring coconut milk to boil, add ½ cup of sugar and a dash of salt. When rice is cooked, pour about ¾ of coconut milk mix, grated coconut, and mix well. Scoop rice onto a plate and add fresh sliced mangoes on the side and top with a little bit of roasted sesame seeds. Sizzle some of the left over coconut milk mix on top of each serving.

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