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Fresh Seafood

At County Square Market, we understand choosing from such a large variety of fresh fish and shellfish can be daunting. That’s why our seafood counter is run by highly knowledgeable seafood specialists, who are prepared to answer your questions, providing recommendations, recipes and even tips for preparation.

These experts are also artists, cleaning and cutting your order to your specifications. And, for added convenience, you can even place your order and continue shopping. Your seafood will be packaged and waiting for you when you're done.

Additionally, because quality is central to our values, we hold our select group of suppliers to incredibly high standards and receive deliveries from them several times a week, ensuring you have the safest, freshest and best quality seafood.

Enjoy County Square Market's incredible selection, which includes:

  • Over 30 feet of counter space with a large variety of live and freshly caught seafood and shellfish.
  • Fresh seafood delivered several times a week from local and international fisherman.
  • Live seafood, including Dungeness crab, Maine lobster, Maryland and Louisiana blue crabs, prawns, crawfish, New Zealand alfonsinos and more.
  • Seasonal availability of sea urchin, giant clam, crayfish and more.
  • Fresh oysters by the piece or bag. And, blue-point oysters by special order.

Curious what today's specials are? Want to make sure we have the seafood you're looking for? Feel free to call us:

Vacaville - 707.455.1786

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